1.  The production of the cylindrical logs we conduct at our own production base entirely from the high-quality and prepared according to all the requirements raw materials, which in the future gives us the opportunity to build good and decent buildings, bathhouses, verandas for our customers.

2. The cycling of the logs is carried out by our company on high-precision equipment – the main advantages of which are precision and cleanliness of processing, manufactured by the intermediate and compensating grooves technology, the absence of radial curvature of the log (the log is perfectly equal) – which provides a clear and professional assembling of the future house

3. The sawing of wood products is carried out on modern equipment with a high class of precision that allows us to complete the order by length and chopping according to the needs of production (or customer specification)

4. Percolation of wood with protective means of imbibition and fire retardants is carried out directly at the enterprise, as soon as the wood is cycled

5. The cut off a log and the cutting of a cup is carried out according to the customer’s project on the equipment with the size calculations on shrinkage of the log, which in future will ensure the high-quality operation of the building.

That is, to the customer on the building site comes professionally ready-made sawed material, which significantly saves the time and costs on installation work.