Manual Felling

  The quality and durability of a house made of logs by hand depends not only on the quality of the wood itself, but also on the skill of the specialist-cutters.
    We offer to get acquainted with the sequence of felling and installation on the construction site of a house cut into a Canadian cup built by our company, and mounted abroad. Diameter of a log from 40 cm.



The first lock

First wreath

Felling on the production

Dismantling of logs on production and shipment to motor transport

Felling on the production

Installation of a log frame on the construction site

Windows, doors are installed, installation work is completed,
there are only finishing works

Construction of a country house with a terrace, cut into a Canadian Cup with the diameter of a log from 40 cm, from design to commissioning, is completed.

We invite you to become our “Customers”. Our enterprise realizes your dream of a cozy wooden house.